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Corporate Training

Many organizations are increasingly giving importance to non-technical skills of their employees to optimize human performance for well-being and growth. Hence HR training programs mainly Management Development Program, have found a prominent place in the organizations in recent years.

Non-technical skills are generally referred to those soft- skills that are generic in nature like interpersonal, communication, team work, leadership, time management, motivation, problem solving or creative skills


1. Management Development Program (Soft Skill, Communication, Behavioural, Leadership, Motivation etc.)

2. Psychological training (NLP, CBT etc.)

3. Sales, Customer Engagement Training.

4. HR Training.

5. Finance Training.

6. Leadership Training

7. Product/process oriented training (PM/MM/SCM/TQM etc.)

9. Computer Training (Basic, Technical, IT Governance, Cyber security etc.)

8. Gender Sensitivity training.

9. Fire, Environmental safety training.

Apart from the above mentioned training areas we always try to focus on the need area of our client and customize technical / non technical training as required.